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"As far as cancer care is concerned, there is no boundary at all. Cancer is a global problem not limited to the US. One out of two in men and one out of three in women will develop cancer in their lifetime. To make an impact we all have to work together as a team, without territories, to end cancer in our society."

- Waun Ki Hong (Oncologist)
Division Head of Cancer Medicine, MD Anderson Cancer Center

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Medical Korea 2024

Connected Healthcare for All:

A New Horizon beyond Barriers


US-Korea Healthcare Collaboration Symposium 2023 

23rd New York Health Forum

Stomach Cancer Disparities:

Overcoming the Barriers


US-Korea Conference(UKC) 2023

22nd New York Health Forum

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A Look at Five Promising Biotech IPOs in 2024

Is There an "Innovator's Dilemma" in Biotech?

How Modern Biotechnology is Shaping Our Future

10 Companies Applying AI for Biologics Discovery

10 Publicly Traded Biotechs Utilizing AI-based Research Platforms

Companies Making Automated Drug Discovery a Reality

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