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March 2014

Launch of WKMJ


The formerly World Korean Medical Journal (WKMJ) was first launched in March 2014 by W Medical Strategy Group (WMSG). The founding principle behind the magazine was to create a platform and interactive community for all healthcare professionals of Korean heritage. Content included the cover story, an entrepreneur interview segment, special reports on the biomedical industry, and current events in healthcare. The inaugural issue was distributed to more than 38,000 physicians and organizations all over the globe.

April 2014

Launch Ceremony


A launch ceremony for WKMJ was held at the Seoul Club in Seoul, Korea. 30 multi-professional attendees convened to celebrate the publication's inaugural issue. They included 5 congressmen, including Chairman of the Health and Welfare committee, Je-se Oh, and Chairman of the International Affairs Committee, Dr. Hong Joon Ahn. 10 industry executives, including President of Hanmi Pharma, Dr. G.S. Lee, President of Green Cross, Dr. Rhee, as well as Chief-Executive-Officers from DongA, Ahngook, and other pharmaceutical companies. 20 well-known physicians from leading hospitals, including Seoul National University, Yonsei University, and Korea University. 5 reporters from major media platforms. Editorial Board members were announced. Chul S. Hyun, MD, Ph.D. was appointed as the Publisher and David Y. Ko, MD as the Editor-in-Chief.

August 2015

Newly Appointed Publisher and Editor-in-Chief


David Y. Ko, MD appointed as Publisher.
DoHyun Cho, PhD and founder of WKMJ appointed as Editor-in-Chief.

May 2019

Reframing to WAMJ

After the successful run of 18 WKMJ issues, the World Asian Medical Journal (WAMJ) launches with the reformed goal of expanding content coverage to the accomplishments made by physicians and industry executives of all East Asian backgrounds, and not just those of Korean descent. Advancements made in the healthcare arena are increasingly being led by Asia, and the medical magazine recognizes the trend as a result of the collaborative dynamic amongst different East Asian professionals.

May 2019

New Appointments to the WAMJ Editorial Board


Under WAMJ, DoHyun Cho, Ph.D. was appointed as Publisher of WAMJ and Joseph P. McMenamin as Editor-in-Chief. With the publication's new framework, the Editorial Board now includes eminent leaders from medicine, law, health organizations, and the BioPharma industry.



Our quarterly journals are distributed to approximately 38,000+ readers worldwide

21,000+ readers are medical doctors and healthcare service practitioners who practice in 15 countries, including the U.S., making up 55% of our readership

17,000+ are hospital, pharmaceutical, and other industry executives around the world, making up 35% of our readership

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