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Prestigious Health Equity Award Presented by New York Health Forum

What is the NYHF Health Equity Award?

Health disparity has existed universally throughout civilizations since the time of Hippocrates of Kos, the father of modern medicine. The post-COVID-19 pandemic world has revealed deepening disease disparities in the US healthcare system and worldwide more than ever. This urgent issue has become a critical socio-political factor affecting the well-being of the public, a major concern to be addressed by healthcare leaders and politicians globally.

Equal access to healthcare builds healthy individuals and a strong foundation for a thriving society. Reducing healthcare disparities is a monumental task that requires stakeholders from the healthcare industry, government, and community organizations, along with dedicated individuals, to work together.

With this belief, the NYHF Awards recognizes and celebrates outstanding efforts made by individuals or organizations in this regard. It promotes the work of healthcare pioneers, both organizations and individuals, whose mission and practices have made a difference in reducing health disparities in the United States and the world. The award is administered by the NYHF Award Committee.

The first awardee, Dr. Kyoung Ryul Lee, and his video acceptance Dr. Hyun presenting the first Health Equity Award at New York speech at New York Health Forum. Health Forum.

A. Background

NYHF has brought together since 2014 trailblazing healthcare professionals and leadership that are serving the unique needs of diverse communities of New York City and beyond.

The NYHF Award Committee is designed to create a thorough, informed, and well-balanced decision-making process. The NYHF Award Committee identifies and recommends the most deserving candidates and has the responsibility of making the final decision and formally awarding the prizes. This procedure helps uphold the integrity and credibility of the NYHF Awards.

B. Why New York?

The selection of New York City as the home for the Health Equity Award is a strategic decision aimed at leveraging the city’s diverse ecosystem, healthcare innovation, networking opportunities, symbolic significance, and global accessibility to maximize the impact and influence of the award on the promotion of health equity.

New York City stands as a global symbol of diversity, with a rich tapestry of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Health Equity Awards aim to emphasize the importance of inclusivity and recognize the city’s commitment to fostering an environment that celebrates diversity in healthcare and beyond. Also, the city is renowned for being at the forefront of healthcare innovation, housing world-class medical institutions, research facilities, and a vibrant community of healthcare professionals. Placing the Health Equity Award in New York City aligns with our vision to promote and acknowledge groundbreaking initiatives in health equity that emerge from this epicenter of innovation.

Mission & Purpose

The award’s mission is to

• Celebrate the work of individuals in their effort to reduce health disparities in healthcare and communities.

• Increase awareness of innovative solutions and practices for health care equity to ensure access to health care for all, including those in the margins of society.

• Reduce existing disparities in the immigrant communities.

• Encourage medical practitioners, politicians, organizations and companies to actively engage and address the issues of global health disparities


NYHF Award Committee is composed of 24 key opinion leaders of healthcare, life sciences and public health. NYHF Award Committee is led by the chairman Chul S. Hyun, MD, PhD, MPH


The NYF Health Equity Awards are awarded in two categories which are Health Equity Award and Health Equity Contribution Prize. Each prize has its own selection criteria and standards to evaluate and same NYHF Award Committee will evaluate the nominations and select the recipients.

A. NYHF Health Equity Award

NYHF Health Equity Award is the Grand Prix of NYHF Awards. This Award is a prestigious recognition established to honor and celebrate the remarkable contributions of an individual who has demonstrated exceptional dedication to enhancing health equity across diverse domains. This singular award is bestowed upon an outstanding figure whose influence extends across research, community engagement, policy implementation, and various other fields contributing to the advancement of health equity on a broad scale.

B. Health Equity Contribution Prize

Complementing the prestigious NYHF Health Equity Award, Health Equity Contribution Prizes are a series of five individual recognitions designed to honor those who have made significant contributions to advancing health equity in diverse spheres. These awards aim to celebrate the collective impact of individuals who, through their dedicated efforts, have positively influenced health outcomes and promoted inclusivity within various aspects of healthcare. Categories of the Health Equity Contribution Prizes can be given to individuals in the fields of Innovations in Healthcare Access, Community-Based Initiatives, Advocacy in Health Policy, Youth and Student Advocacy, Collaborative Partnerships for Health Equity and etc.

Application Process and Eligibility

• Eligibility: Exceptional individuals who contributed in advancing health disparity science and minority health.

• Individuals who has impactful public health careers and records.

• Application deadline: every December 31st

Selection Criteria

• Performance including work factors such as quality, productivity, timeliness, cost reduction, or improved service to the public

• Actions including special projects, overcoming unusual or difficult circumstances, or problem-solving using extraordinary methods or insight

• Inspirational initiatives in developing new approaches or procedures, innovations that improve effectiveness, creative work on a specific project, efforts beyond the call of duty and beyond the scope of the position.


October 1: Call for nominations announced in NYHF Update

December 31: Nomination forms due

January~February: Board review of nominations complete

March 1: Honoree announced in NYHF Update

March~April: Award presented to honoree during the NYHF Conference

April 12, 2024

WAMJ Editorial Team


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