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Sponsorship Opportunities

The WAMJ offers channels for our sponsors to obtain a comprehensive range of business goals.

Sponsorship with the WAMJ will provide everything you need for brand exposure, network establishment, engagement with industry ​audiences. Explore the benefits the WAMJ offers to our sponsors to promote their business while fulfilling their needs and budget.

Most of our programs include name and/or logo recognition on the website, and further exposure of the brand together with program promotion. 

Key Opinion Leaders(KOLs) 

 I Readership from Key Opinion Leaders 

> Majority of WAMJ readership represented by

    physicians, other healthcare professionals, and

    industry executives 

> Globally interactive platform for Asian healthcare 

    communities to be informed of and discuss relevant

    topics in medicine 

Region Specific Readership

 I Content Created for Region Specific


> Magazine issues distributed to more than 38,000 

readers, most of whom are of Asian descent 


> Large Asian-American subscription base 


> U.S. residents make up 61% of WAMJ’s readership 

Dynamic Marketing

 I Print and Digital Media for Dynamic Marketing 

> PDF Email Blast 

> Print Copies


> Available on 

Tell Your Company's Story

Still looking for the best way to tell your company's story.

We have several ways your company can gain visibility in front of the global biotechnology and pharma audience. 


Learn more about how you can gain exposure through speaking opportunities, sponsoring, and more.

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