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WKMO Fall Concert 2015

Special Report II

Issue8_November 2015

A special WKMO Gala took place on October 31, 2015, in Palisades, New York!

Soprano singer Haeran Hong and Tenor Won Whi Choi performing their duet musics

Dr. Ko giving his welcoming address

Organized and sponsored by World Korean Medical Organization and Korean American Civic Empowerment, this event honored Congressman Mike Honda from California. Congressman Honda is especially well known to Korean community for his pioneering work on House resolution 121, which expressed the sentiment of the Congress that Japan should formally acknowledge, recognize, and accept historical responsibility in an unequivocal manner for its Imperial Armed Forces’ coercion of women into sexual slavery. For his humanitarian and legislative efforts,

Congressman Mike Honda and concert attendee

Congressman Honda was recognized in 2013 with the WKMO Humanitarian Award. He is also well known for his leading work on viral hepatitis B and other health care disparity issues in the United States. WKMO was privileged to have him as a keynote speaker in 2015 WKMO Convention in Los Angeles.

Dr. Chul S. Hyun, the past president of WKMO gave a welcoming remark. Congressman Mike Honda spoke about the House resolution 121 and Health Access for ethnic minority populations in the United States. WKMO’s new president, Dr. David Ko presented future plans on WKMO activities, including 2016 Summer Convention.

Dr. Hyun speaking before the concert about purposes and meaning of the event

One of the highlights of the gala was the Music Concert. WKMO invited world renowned Tenor Won Whi Choi and Soprano Haeran Hong from Germany who presented extraordinarily beautiful performance to the attendees. It was truly a memorable evening celebrating the success and leadership in health care and human rights.

The gala was also attended by many other distinguished guests, including Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Shin (Atlanta, GA), Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Moon (Englewood Cliffs, NJ), Dr. Alice Chu (Clifton, NJ),and Dr. & Mrs. Henry Lee (New York, NY)

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