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Medical Korea - Insight into Global Healthcare and Medical Tourism

The upcoming “Medical Korea 2021” conference is being held virtually to share Korea’s advancing medical industry and to discuss the latest healthcare trends and forecasts. Here is everything you need to know about the brand “Medical Korea” and its 2021 conference.

About Medical Korea and KHIDI

Since 2009, Korea has been promoting its medical competitiveness and established a national medical brand titled “Medical Korea”, to represent the excellence of Korea’s medical services. Over the past decade, more than 2.76 million visitors from 198 countries around the world visited Korea to experience medical services. Also, Korea has provided a medical training program for international medical professionals from around the world, sharing and expanding the Korean medical system and resources across the world.

The Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) is a Korean government-affiliated institution that provides systematic and professional support for the improvement of public health and enhancement of international competitiveness in the health industry.

Over the past decade, KHIDI has been promoting Medical Korea and the development of Korea’s healthcare industry around the world. This year, to further support Medical Korea, KHIDI is organizing the “Medical Korea 2021” conference, hosted by Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare (MoHW).

About Medical Korea 2021 Conference

Medical Korea 2021, the 11th global healthcare and medical tourism conference, will be held virtually from March 18th – 24th. The link can be found on the Medical Korea 2021 website (

With the theme “Global Healthcare, Where Your Days Begin Again,” the conference will bring together academic and industry experts from around the world to analyze and share insights on the latest healthcare industry trends. The event will provide opportunities for business networking among stakeholders in the global healthcare industries. Also, Korea’s treatment cases for severe illnesses and the trend of digital healthcare will be introduced, recognizing Korea’s medical treatments.

Moreover, Medical Korea 2021 will be held together with KIMES, Korea’s largest medical and hospital equipment exhibition. Therefore, the conference will also allow participants to take a glance at current trends in the global medical device industry.

The conference will begin with opening remarks by Deok-cheol Kwon, the Minister of Health and Welfare, followed by a keynote speech by Stephanie Allen, PhD, the Global Healthcare Leader at Deloitte, on the topic “The Challenges of the Global Healthcare Industry After


Photos from Medical Korea 2019

The opening will be followed by a panelist discussion session titled “Changes and Prospects of the Global Healthcare Market.” In this session, experts will cover various trends and changes in the recent healthcare market, discussing areas that cover the general topic of the conference. The panel will be led by the moderator, Joseph McMenamin, MD, JD, EVP of W Medical Strategy Group and a medical law expert. Panelists with in-depth of knowledge of different fields will come together to share their insights: a media Principal with a specialty in healthcare, a healthcare intellectual property

expert, and a life sciences advisory expert.

To address the session’s main topic, the panelists will discuss points related to trends in global healthcare, market diversification, policy comparison and countermeasures in 2021 and post-pandemic. The session will bring the following questions to our attention— What are the changes in investment trends regarding vaccines, diagnostics, and respiratory as a category? What have we learned from the record breaking vaccine development process and how will that impact future product development processes? How were digital

health and medical tourism impacted and will they reshape the future? How were pharmaceuticals, med-tech industries, and their policies influenced? What changes have we faced in drug pricing?

Including session 1, there will be a total of 11 sessions throughout the conference. There will be sessions that further discuss topics in global healthcare including trends in medical tourism, global healthcare policies, and digital health trends. Other sessions will be composed of insights shared by experts in the medical field and

academia, discussing the latest medical technologies, therapies, and their position in global health in the era of COVID-19. There will also be special sessions that discuss Korea’s medical advancement, especially in the treatments of severe illnesses, and medical training.

April 5, 2021

by WAMJ Editorial Team


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