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Medical Consulting Firm W Medical Strategy Group Launched

Special Report II

Issue1_March 2014

W Medical Strategy Group Opening Celebration was held in Yale Club NYC on Feb. 11, 2014. Launch Event was attended by 100 Plus from Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Medical consulting firm ‘W’ Medical Strategy Group (CEO Dohyun Cho) held the company’s launch event at the Yale Club in Manhattan, NY. The event was attended by medical industry and Korean American leaders, including Dr. Chulsoo Hyun, president of the World Korean Medical Organization (WKMO); Mark Paxton, vice president of W Medical Strategy Group; Amb. Se-Joo Son, the Korean Consul General New York; Keelin Kavanagh, Managing Partner of JMF lawfirm, Larry Slatky, COO of NUMC Healthcare System, Dr. Augustine M. K. Choi, Chairman of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College and Physician-in-Chief at NewYorkPresbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center; David Ko, president of the Korean American Medical Association (KAMA), Kyungryul Lee, president of Hanaro Medical Foundation; Bonghyun Nam, Attache of Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety; Dongseok Kim, director of the Korean Voters Rights Center.

Feb. 11, Launch Event Held in Manhattan, NY...Attended by 100 Plus from Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Dohyun Cho, CEO of WMSG(on left) and Chul Hyun, president of WKMO are presenting the featuring functions of WMSG

Additionally, many executives from top pharmaceutical and medical device companies, American corporations and finance consulting firms, including Merrill Lynch and PWC, attended the event showing much interest in the launch.

CEO Dohyun Cho of W Medical Strategy Group said, “Healthcare industry in the United States is continually developing and expanding, in which an increasing number of Korean medical personnel serves daily.” “These human resources will play a key role for Korean pharmaceutical and medical device companies’ global market entry.”

Amb. Sejoo Son emphasized through his remarks that “Korean medical technology and products are of excellent qualities and for the Korean medical industry to be successful in the U.S. market, Korean American doctors’ enthusiastic support can make a huge difference.”

Managing partner of Jacob, Medinger & Finnegan law firm Keelin Kavanagh congratulated by saying, “I am hopeful that W Medical Strategy Group will be a conduit for introducing Korea’s quality technology and products to the U.S. market.

During the panel moderated by Joe McMenamin, vice president of W Strategy Group, the Group’s vital function and synergy effects on leading healthcare issues were discussed with specialists from various medical industries.

‘W Medical Sttrategy Group’ Tape cutting ceremony. From left to right, David Ko (President of KAMA), Dohyun Cho (CEO of WMSG), Kyungryul Lee (President of HMF), Amb. Sejoo Son (Consulate General of ROK, NY), Keelin Kavanagh (Managing partner of JMF), Joseph McMenamin (Exec. Advisor of WMSG), Chul Hyun (President of WKMO), Larry Slatky (COO of NUMC Healthcare System), Mark Paxton (Exec. Advisor of WMSG)

Panelists for the medical products session, including investor Les Funtleyder, Bonghyun Nam of KFDA, science advisor Dr. Doug Yoon and others, illuminated on the main trends in pharmaceutical and devices industries. During the panel, they discussed W Medical Strategy’s market development and analysis, and its collaborative impetus. Especially, attendants reacted enthusiastically to the Group’s introduction to American pharmaceutical companies’ competitive strategies by size and U.S. regulatory restriction trends. Medical services debate featured respected panelists, including Professor Jinha Park, the City of Hope Medical Center; President Kyungryul Lee, Hanaro Medical Foundation; President Larry Slatky, American College of health Care Administrators; and Professor William Ventura, St. Joseph Medical Center.

During the session, the panelists addressed various specialty areas such as preventative medicine, community outreach and medical R&D and how W Medical Strategy Group together with WKMO can contribute much to these areas.

The event also held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and welcomed mezzo soprano Gloria Park and tenor Youngbae Yang for musical performance to celebrate the launch.

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