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Biotech Company Launches New Global Initiative

Korea’s leading Sohn biopharmaceutical company Enzychem Lifesciences (CEO and Chairman SOHN Ki-Young) has launched its major global initiative in the United States. The initiative will help facilitate licensing, strategic partnerships and investment opportunities for self-developed global new drug candidate EC18’s development and commercialization as the innovative therapeutic.

EC-18, a synthetic monoacetyldiaglyceride, is the world’s first oral medicine candidate to prevent and treat chemotherapy-induced neutropenia (CIN) with unique MOA (mechanism of action) different from G-CSF, and U.S. FDA already has cleared the company’s Investigational New Drug application (IND). Korean government, through its striving global new drug development initiative ‘Korea Drug Development Fund’, also granted Enzychem and EC-18 to further its clinical trials with assenting support from the government. New approaches are needed to improve CIN patient treatment beyond the current standard of care and launching of this first-in-class therapy could star in future combination treatments.

Focused on developing innovative, cost-effective treatment, Enzychem is confident that EC-18 can address significant unmet medical needs, and also highly anticipated to be designated as break through therapeutic by U.S. FDA. Breakthrough designation is a process intended to expedite the development and review of drugs for serious or life-threatening conditions and the criteria for designation require preliminary clinical evidence that demonstrates the drug may have substantial improvement on at least one clinically significant endpoint over available therapy.

Enzychem is also focusing on promoting its immune-modulatory health functional food ROCKPID. ROCKPID is a Korean Food and Drug Administration approved supplement which has active ingredient PLAG, effective in modulating the human immune system.

Enzychem Lifesciences meets with a financial institution in NYC

Following the vision of Enzychem Lifesciences founder and Chairman Sohn -- to contribute to the health and happiness of humanity at large by saving human lives one at a time -- Enzychem is ready to take part in global biopharmaceutical innovation that develops new drugs to fulfill essential yet unmet needs of patients.

To realize this mission, Enzychem Lifesciences recently completed a MOU with W Medical Strategy Group, a New York based consulting firm with diverse medical and pharmaceutical networking portfolio, to further explore US strategic partnerships and investment opportunities.

Enzychem Lifesciences presents at 4th New York Health Forum in NYC with attendance of 80 global pharma BD executives

Enzychem Lifesciences presents at Physicians Seminar Network in NJ with attendance of 30 U.S physicians

November 2, 2015

Sangji Lee

Executive Director, Business Development

W Medical Strategy Group

Sangji is Executive Director of Business Development at W Medical Strategy Group. Sangji also is secretariat staff of WKMJ editorial. Prior to joining WMSG, she was a researcher at Korea Health Industry Development Institute USA, representing Ministry of Health of Korea.


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