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Key Trends in U.S. Biopharma/Meditech Investing

Special Report II

Issue9_April 2016

The 5th New York Health Forum

Date: March 31st, 2016 | Venue: The Yale Club of New York City | Time: 1 pm to 5 pm

Opening Remarks: DoHyun Cho, PhD CEO and President, W Medical Strategy Group / Chairman, New York Health Forum

Session 1: (From Left to Right) Joseph P. McMenamin, MD, JD, FCLM (Executive Vice President of WMSG) moderated the first session, along with panelists Sean Drake (Managing Director, Stony Lonesome Group LLC), and Katya Hancock (Director of Strategic Partnerships, Startup Health)

The 5th New York Health Forum was held at the Yale Club of New York City on Thursday, March 31st of 2016. It provided a setting for stimulating informative discussions on topics such as investment trends, landscapes, and risks in the current healthcare industry. The central theme for this forum was “Key Trends in US Biopharma/Medtech Investing”. Over 70 guests including investors, biopharma and medtech representatives, and healthcare professionals attended the forum to provide opportunities, share information, and discuss ideas.

The program began with a luncheon and an opportunity for the attendees to associate and connect with one another. Following this was an opening remark delivered by DoHyun Cho, PhD, CEO and President of W Medical Strategy Group and the Chairman of the NYHF. A total of three active sessions were held followed by a Q&A session, creating a moment for the audience to engage with the panelists and voice their opinions as well.

Session 2: (From Left to Right) Kimberly Ha (Senior Director, FTI Consulting) moderated the session along with panelists Vincent Liu, PhD (Senior Advisor, Fosun Pharma) and Norman Yun (Managing Director, H.C. Wainwright & Co.)

The first session titled “Biopharma/ Medtech Funding Trends and Investment Landscape” was moderated by Joseph P. McMenamin MD, JD and FCLM and paneled by Sean Drake, the Managing Director at Stony Lonesome Group LLC, and Katya Hancock, the Director of Strategic Partnerships at StartUp Health. During this session, the panelists examined the current state of biopharma/medtech financing and the factors that have led to the current financing environment.

The second session titled “The Key Factors to Raising Capital: What Will Attract Investors?” was moderated by Kimberly Ha and paneled by Norman Yun, Managing Director at H. C. Wainwright & Co., and Vincent Liu, PhD, Senior Advisor for Shanghai Fosun pharmaceutical group. At this session, discussion took place on the trends and dynamics of current biopharma/ medtech industry investment.

Session 3: (From Left to Right) Tony Chen (CEO, PrimeVax Immuno-Oncology Inc) moderated the last session along with panelists Karen Carr (Regional Development Officer, Gateway for Cancer Research), Frank Borchetta (CEO & Co-Founder, Repairogen Corporation), and Imran Babar, PhD (Senior Associate, OrbiMed LLC)

The final session was moderated by Tony Chen, CEO of PrimeVax Immuno-Oncology Inc. and titled “New Breed of Contributors: Alternative Biopharma/Medtech Financing”. Panelists included Frank Borchetta, CEO & Co-Founder of Repairogen Corporation, Imran Babar, PhD, Senior Associate at OrbiMed LLC, and Karen Carr, Regional Development Officer at Gateway for Cancer Research. The panelists discussed the new trends and matrices of alternative health care finance and shared how disease foundations, private donors, and nonprofit organizations became huge contributors for the development of new therapies.

The forum was hosted by W Medical Strategy Group and sponsored by It’s a Wig, FTI Consulting, and Green Alley. The next New York Health Forum will be held in June. For further information about the NYHF and for more photos, please visit

Rachel Hong, RN

Agenda Coordinator New York Health Forum Rachel is editorial staff of WKMJ and agenda coordinator of New York Health Forum. She is associate of Business Operations at W Medical Strategy Group.

Yisun Yuk

Manager, Business Operations

W Medical Strategy Group

Yisun is manager of Business Operations at W Medical Strategy Group. She also is an editorial staff of WKMJ and organizing executive of New York Health Forum.

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