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K-Blockbuster Project Companies

Special Report

Released on December 2022

K-Blockbuster project is a special initiative of Korea Health Industry Development

Institute (KHIDI) to support Korean biopharma companies to expand their businesses

in the US market.

Establishment and operation of the Korea Bio Innovation Center

  • Support Korean companies selected by KHIDI to integrate into CIC Cambridge

  • Provide consulting, information collection and networking support for Korean companies

1:1 mentoring with local professional consulting companies

  • Enable expedited U.S. market entry through local U.S. consultants

  • Provide consulting services for the entire lifecycle of new drug development from discovery and research to commercialization

  • Support advisory areas, including legal advice, clinical research, licensing, transaction, marketing, etc.

Networking and education

  • Establish biopharmaceutical R&D network through seminars and forums

  • Develop a pool of qualified experts and scientific advisors for Korean companies

  • Provide education programs for Korean companies focusing on the market trend, clinical research, regulatory update, etc.

Project Member Companies



Hanmi Pharmaceutical

Huons USA

Ildong Pharmaceutical

Illimis Therapeutics

Liflex Science



Yuhan USA

Download full report

K Blockbuster Project Company Report
Download PDF • 6.75MB

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