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Dear Colleagues,

Greetings! First I want to thank the speakers and sponsors including lead Samsung that made the 4th WKMO Annual Convention a success. It was good to see many of you in LA. The speakers all had interesting topics and the TED style talks were informative and entertaining. Dr. Charlie Cho of Stanford spoke on research on living longer and mentioned the million dollar prize his group is offering toward immortality. A deep felt thank you goes to Congressman Mike Honda for supporting WKMO, as he is leader in the hepatitis campaign in Asian Americans as well as issues involving Korea. A special thanks goes to Dr. Chul Hyun and his family who made the meeting a top notch event as always.

It is only appropriate that this issue cover story is Dr. Chul Hyun. It is through the vision of Dr. Hyun and many other Korean physician leaders that WKMO was founded 4 years ago. Dr. Sanghoo Kim deserves a special word of thanks for his legwork of making contact with Korean physician groups throughout the world. Dr. Hyun as President has worked tirelessly to have the WKMO get off the ground and have the regional and annual convention which is no small feat. Gathering an international group is challenging logistically and financially but he always held an informative and productive meeting with focused agendas. His energy and dedication in trying to network Korean heritage physicians is boundless. Dr. Hyun has done so much for WKMO including getting 501C non-profit organization designation. Dr. Hyun is also the founding publisher of the WKMJ, a great new vehicle to reach Korean physicians worldwide and disseminate news, notes and activities of many bright, energetic doctors in many worthwhile efforts and endeavours.

Much has been accomplished with the inception of WKMO but there is much more work to be done with the strengthening the WKMO base and increasing the outreach to many Korean physician in all corners of the world. WKMO is a unique medical organization not to supplant a national or regional Korean physician groups but to supplement networking on an international level. As physicians we wear many hats and we want to leverage our resources and capabilities to enhance healthcare through international interaction. WKMO can be a vehicle for scientific exchange, but also for medical education as the new International medical school in North Korea is now being built there are unprecedented opportunities to educate and interact with the next generation of North Korean physician leaders who work in harsh conditions with limited resources. We want to get North Korean doctors to become members of WKMO medical community. WKMO’s goal is to foster interaction on a global scale, as there are Korean physicians literally in all corners of the world. I am honored to be elected President of WKMO and I ask that everyone gets involved as the organization success depends on everyone’s participation.

David Y. Ko, MD


Board Director of WKMO

Keck School of Medicine of USC


Dear Readers,

In his enthralling book, “The Lexus and the Olive Tree (2000)”, a prominent journalist of the New York Times Thomas Friedman explained the impact in which globalization is making on our lives throughout the world. He puts it as “It enables us to reach into the world as never before and it enables the world to reach into each of us as never before.” One and a half decades had been passed since Thomas Friedman wrote this book, and globalization has been processed more intensively than ever before in all segments of human lives, spreading into healthcare as well. Under such circumstances, World Korean Medical Journal was founded and published to feature the most relevant issues on the global healthcare arena while introducing the most influential and inspirational healthcare leaders.

In this August edition, Dr. Chul S. Hyun, Inaugural president of World Korean Medical Organization (WKMO) is introduced in the cover story. He is a man of belief and enthusiasm, and an inspiration to the Korean physician community. As a physician, his achievements in the areas of gastroenterology and hepatitis in needed communities are significant. He has navigated arduous and formidable pathways to address ethnic disparities and cultural healthcare issues and to present measurements to overcome such challenges in the communities. As a healthcare leader, his visions on global health became a true legacy inspiring the young generations. He has accomplished tremendously through his 3 years as the president of the organization.

New trends and issues of bio-health industry are featured in the articles. In the article from BioCentury, the reporter emphasizes competitiveness of gene therapy on orphan diseases. In another article, US rheumatologists’ enthusiasm and concerns over biosimilar products are viewed. Patent extension and litigation issues are addressed as well as efficacy and safety aspects. An article about Green Alley, the eco-luxe beauty store and its skincare products, provides interesting information on chemical vs. natural ingredients that our readers may find delightful to read.

Many eminent experts shared their knowledge and insights as authors in this edition. I wish that our readers would find this exciting selection of articles to be helpful and inspiring.

As I newly step up to the position of Editor-in-Chief, I hope my humble contribution would nourish the contents and bring a small joy to our readers.

Thank you.

DoHyun Cho, PhD

Editor in Chief

President & CEO of W Medical Strategy Group

Chairman of New York Health Forum

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