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Your Skin Says, I am So Sick of Chemical Products

Green Alley's Natural Ingredients Skincare

Special Report I

Issue7_AUGUST 2015

Skincare often is focused on targeting women, but nowadays both men and women concerns about their skin and show interests in skincare. Especially while going through the puberty or during lifetime, almost every men and women experience skincare problems, called acne. There are some who are lucky enough to pass by the puberty without any skin troubles; however, he/she all faces skin challenge called ‘Aging skin’. There are different types of skin troubles including: acne, dark spots, wrinkles, dry skin, redness, dull skin, dark circles, and etc. Although there are millions of skincare products from all over the country, there is not a single product that can completely solve the skin troubles yet. Taking care of skin is lifelong homework. It’s often said that 70 percent of human skin is from genetic and the rest, 30 percent is from skincare management. So, this means that even if one has genetically great looking skin when he/she is young, he/ she will soon face the aging skin problems such as sun damage, wrinkles, and dark spots. On the other hand, it could mean that if one can manage the troubles with careful skincare, he/she has a good chance to improve his/her skin condition.

Though there are tremendous amount of cosmetic products, everyone’s skin type,living environment, and/or skincare routine can be different and it’s not so easy to find the right products for each one. It’s hard to understand chemical words listed on the ingredient list if one is not a Chemist. Also, it’s hard to afford and try all the expensive products being a lab rat. Green Alley, the new skincare brand in the beauty market is established for this purpose. There are numerous products out there in the world, but consumers do not really know which ones are actually good for their skin. Some of the products are full of hazardous chemicals that will eventually damage the skin instead of solving skin problems. So, instead of having self-human trial with number of products, Green Alley filters out all harmful products for consumers.

Green Alley (, a natural cosmetic multi-brand shop is opened on June 19, 2015. Green Alley finds skincare solutions in Korea’s skincare products with natural ingredients. Green Alley is all about highend, natural skin care collections from South Korea, a new global hub of innovative beauty and skin care trends. Green Alley will provide a great opportunity for the U.S customers to experience brand new healthy skin products powered by Korea’s finest non-GMO beauty brands who only use natural ingredients that are clinically tested and validated for its safety and effectiveness.

All Green Alley’s staffs are referred as “Beauty Hunters”. Beauty hunters’ major missions are to build direct connections between customers and high performance, and boutique cosmetic manufacturers. Beauty hunters selectively discover ‘Forever Item’ meaning one will be willing to use the product forever. Once beauty hunters discover a suitable candidate, they take detailed ingredient examinations, clinical data validations, professional advices and personal testing for more than 6 months. After 6 months of examination period, only a few of the products satisfy the rigorous inspection and are carefully selected. Currently, Green Alley exclusively distributes 4 new and trendy cosmetic brands including Kicho, CU Nature, Vant 36.5, and Dermafirm, and plans on adding10 more qualified brands by the end of this year. With growing consumer’s awareness of risks of using chemicals in cosmetics and demand for natural cosmetics, Green Alley’s collection carries products using naturally driven ingredients, no animal testing, and formulated without any harmful chemicals. Most of cosmetic products are made of more than 50 ingredients, and it’s not easy for consumers to check whether all ingredients are natural. So, as a cosmetic business professional, Green Alley carefully selects brands, reviews their ingredients, and visits manufacturers before introducing a new brand to consumers.

Green Alley’s skincare cosmetics are sold online @ For customers who would like to physically experience the cosmetics can visit the showroom located @ 210B Sylvan Ave. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Customers can meet professional cosmetologist and consultants for personal skincare consultation. Also to offer a chance to meet with Green Alley to New Yorkers, Green Alley had recently opened up a ‘Pop-up store’ in K-Town, NYC on July 17 &18. Number of fans and beauty bloggers of K-Beauty who had already heard about Green Alley’s great products visited the pop-up store to personally try Green Alley’s selections. At this 2 day pop-up shop, Beauty hunters also gave personal consultation to the customers based on each customer’s skin concerns, skin type, and current skin condition.

Anita Depta

Cosmetologist, Green Alley

Anita is a licensed Cosmetologist at Green Alley. She is a skincare specialist offering personalized consultation on daily skincare and special skincare treatment based on individual’s skin condition. She is creative and detailorientated cosmetologist with experience in providing allencompassing, quality skincare services and consultation.

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