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Chul Kyoon Park, President of it's a Wig

Issue6_April 2015

President Chul Kyoon Park, please introduce your company, 'it's a Wig' to our readers.

For more than 40 years, 'it's a Wig' has been distributing wigs in the U.S. Our brand is the top seller in wig industry, holding the largest brand market share in the U.S. Our company is located in Moonachie, New Jersey. We are currently managing over thousands of retail customer accounts directly. We are dedicated to lead the fashion trends of wig with its various colors and styles providing satisfaction to our customer.

We've learned that it's a Wig has been supporting not only American Cancer Society but also number of Korean hospitals by donating wigs for cancer patients. Could you explain this community wig donation activities and your motivation for such activities?

When patients go through chemotherapy treatment, many tend to experience severe hair loss as side effect. This kind of physical figure change often causes depression which may negatively affect patients. Also, we noticed that cancer treatment could be very expensive, and some of the patients are going through financial hardship that purchasing a wig could be burdensome.

Sponsoring the annual event, 'George Washington Bridge Challenge' hosted by American Cancer Society since 2012. a. it's Wig employees and family participating 'GWB Challenge' b. GWB Challenge participants wearing donated wig c. Chul Kyoon Park on 3rd from left receiving award from American Cancer Society for his dedicated works of supporting cancer patients

Thus, we donate wigs to the cancer patients so that they feel more confident about their look and have better self-esteem. Our donation activities started with supporting American Cancer Society in 2009 and continue to expand the size to over 2,000 wigs per year in 20 different locations currently.

This donation activity occurs quarterly, and we were selected as the best wig supporting company by the American Cancer Society since 2012.

On the other hand, we also support 'George Washington Bridge Challenge' hosted by the American Cancer Society. We support the event by donating color wigs for the event, but also support it by all company member participation.

Besides American Cancer Society, we support Holy Name Medical Center, Seoul National University Hospital/Children's Hospital, Kyung-Hee University Medical Center continuously.

Can you share any specific story or event that was special to you?

Chul Kyoon Park, his wife and his two sons participating 'GWB Challenge'

When we visited Princeton branch of American Cancer Society for a donation event, we've met a patient who was an Indian American in age of 40s. She tried couple of wigs but did not find anything she liked.

We considered her style and many other factors to recommend a suitable wig for her. We've found this particular style from the warehouse and shipped it overnight for her. She was in fact very satisfied and sent us a special 'thank you' message.

This incident was particularly memorable since it met our goal of satisfying the end user. Sponsorship or donation could be considered as on side giving and the other side receiving, however, we receive so much as return when we get to see the patients feel happy and confident just by wearing a wig.

it's a Wig's products were featured by Aveda's models at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2014 Fall/Winter

What is your goal and vision for this activity?

it's a Wig launched it's a Nail recently. it's a Nail is a nail polish strip line manufactured by incoco

It's actually nothing huge or fancy. The very basic bottom of my motivation is that I wish this world to become a better place as we share and support each other.

As a wig industry leader, I wanted to find my own way to support others. I realized that there are a lot of people who need a wig so I started to share it with them. I do not think this is anything special but one ordinary thing that I am sharing something I have more than others with people who truly need them. I believe it is desirable to share information, things, food, anything others for a better world.

WKMJ is read by various types of healthcare leaders and physicians worldwide. Please, introduce us on how to collaborate with 'it's a Wig'.

Chul Kyoon Park at the Starting point of 'GWB Challenge' 2014. Part supports the event by not only the sponsorship but also his participation

'it's a Wig' is a wig company. Even at this moment, we are ready to donate wigs to anyone or any organization, including hospitals, associations, healthcare leaders, physicians and patients who need them. We carry all kinds of wigs that can fit regardless of their sex, race, etc., so please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome all interests in us and always look for taking an opportunity to share with world together.

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