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North America

MISS – 15th Annual Minimally Invasive Surgery Symposiums

February 25th to 28th 2015, Las Vegas, United States

The Annual Minimally Invasive Surgery Symposium (MISS) is the premier meeting of thought leaders in minimally invasive surgery for metabolic/bariatric disorders, hernia, foregut, and diseases of the colon. The conference is led by Executive Director Philip R. Schauer, MD, Cleveland Clinic, along with a faculty of internationally known advanced laparoscopic surgeons and bariatric specialists. In addition to general didactic sessions, the conference will offer optional hands-on workshops in laparoscopic suturing and endoscopic interventions.

Contact: Kathleen Wenzler


North America

Keystone Symposia – Heart Disease and Regeneration: Insights from Development

March 1st to 6th, 2015, Copper Mountain, CO, United States

This meeting highlights new concepts in cardiovascular development, regeneration, and repair and emphasizes common molecular mechanisms with therapeutic potential for cardiovascular regeneration. Emerging technologies for genome editing and imaging will be discussed with the aim of facilitating new research directions and translational approaches. This meeting brings researchers with expertise in cardiac development, molecular biology, stem cell biology, genetics, and epigenetics to facilitate our understanding of heart development and homeostasis and to explore scientific directions and therapeutic approaches for the treatment of heart disease in children and adults. The conference will be held jointly with Cell Biology of the Heart: Beyond the Myocyte-Centric View.

Contact: Attendee Services

Phone: 970 262 1230/800 253 0865


North America

WSPC 2015 – 16th World Congress of Pain Clinicians

March 5th to 7th, 2015, Miami Beach, United States

WSPC 2015 will attract some of the world’s top pain experts. By focusing on participant-friendly educational activities together with hands-on courses, WSPC 2015 will facilitate an important discussion regarding interventional techniques for pain management. Topics: Pain, palliative, opioid, anesthesia, anaesthesia, intensive care, Acupuncture, acupressure, Epiduroscopy, pidural adhesiolysis, Fibromyalgia, Headache, Osteoporoses, kyphoplasty, pain medicine, migraine, neuropathic pain

Contact: Vanessa Fisher

Phone: +41 22 908 0488


North America

PDC – Pacific Dental Conference

March 5th to 7th, 2015, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Pacific Dental Conference is one of the largest dental conferences in North America offering a varied and contemporary selection of continuing education programs. With over 150 open sessions and hands-on courses and over 300 exhibiting companies occupying 600 booths — we have you and your entire dental team covered. Join us under the roof of the Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building next March for Canada’s premier dental conference!

Phone: 604 736 3781


North America

NCBC – 25th Annual Interdisciplinary Breast Center Conference

March 14th to 18th, 2015, Las Vegas, United States

The 25th Annual Interdisciplinary Breast Center Conference is an opportunity for breast health professionals in all fields to earn CME credits, certifications and gather valuable information on the latest technologies while networking with hundreds of peers from around the world. Over the course of the weekend, the general sessions provide learning opportunities for doctors, nurses, surgeons, radiologists, administrators, patient navigators, and anyone else on the breast center team. Our 11 post-conference workshops offer specialized training and skill validation for every member of the breast center team. Finally, a dedicated exhibit hall offers 100+ vendor displays and abstract posters, which allows participants a view of the very latest technologies and techniques in a professional yet relaxing environment. Contact: Jennifer Hayes

Phone: 574-267-8058


North America

Course – Hands-On Cardiac Ultrasound Imaging & Doppler 2015

March 16th to 21st, 2015, Irving, Texas, United States

The most effective week in echocardiography you’ll ever spend. This course will establish the complete transthoracic echocardiographic protocol: 2-D, M-mode, color and spectral Doppler, tissue velocity, and diastolic dysfunction. Each step and every measurement will be carefully laid out and completely explained. The majority of our time will be spent in the scan lab practicing the full echo protocol to completion. Scan Lab open 24 hours for independent practice. Classroom sessions will drive home every point in a supportive dialog fashion. You’ll feel comfortable asking any question, as many time as it takes to understand. After regular hours, the scan lab will be open around the clock for you to practice independently with classmates. And after the course is complete, you’ll become a permanent part of our Community, with forever Q & A support.

Contact: Amy Donaldson

Phone: 972 353 3200/800 845 3484


North America

The 4th WKMO Annual Convention

July 2-4, 2015, Los Angeles, USA

World Korean Medical Organization will be hosting the 4th World Korean Medical Organization Annual Convention at Intercontinental Los Angeles Century City . The general theme of the convention is “Trans-cultural healthcare and Global Initiatives”. Annually, 200 international physicians who share Korean heritage gather to discuss better health. Contact: Suki Lee

Phone: 201 402 1400 ext. 503



Precision Medicine for Cancer

March 1st to 4th 2015, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Recent advances in technology have provided an unprecedented opportunity to develop platforms for implementing precision/ personalised medicine in cancer. This conference will discuss the challenges that face us in implementing these approaches. Although our understanding of the pathogenesis of cancer has advanced enormously in recent years, we have only just begun to successfully translate this into improvements in the clinical management of patients. A significant opportunity is offered by the knowledge that cancer cells are ‘addicted’ to certain altered genes, a vulnerability that can be exploited therapeutically. A number of cancer-causing genes have been identified that are recurrently altered and stimulate tumour growth. These ‘driver genes’ correspond to oncogenes (or tumour suppressor genes) that are mutated or deregulated (e.g., amplified), causing the tumour to become dependent on the lesion(s) for survival and/or proliferation.

Contact: Kathryn Wass




March 5th to 7th 2015, Rome, Italy

HPV infection and cervical cancer, Cervical cancer screening around the world, HPV vaccination, Challenges in colposcopy, Molecular tests in cytopathology lab, LBC & Automation, Cervical cytopathology : the old and the new, Low genital tract infections and cervical cancer screening, Contraceptives and cervical cancer, The great debates: clinical and pathology perspective, Management of CIN, Issues in colposcopy, Multifocal disease, Classification and quality control in cervical cytopathology, Diagnosis in cytopathology, Legal questions, Training course in colposcopy, Training course in cytopathology, Posters & Communications.

Contact: Organizing Secretariat – triumph C.&C. Srl

Phone: +39 06 35530382




March 18th to 22nd, 2015, Nice, France

AD/PD will build on its well-earned reputation for unravelling the mechanisms and improving the treatment of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other related neurodegenerative diseases. Topics: Degenerative Disorders, Movement disorder, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s , dementia, lewy bodies, lobar degeneration, huntington’s

Contact: Rachel Zablow

Phone: +41 22 908 0488




March 19th to 22nd, 2015, Budapest, Hungary

CIP Congress brings an innovative and stimulating global academic debate platform searching for consensus and agreements on main child health pathologies, difficulties and controversies. The concept for the CIP congress and program was developed for Pediatricians working in Primary and Secondary Care, as well as for specialists in the diverse areas of Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgeons, Family Medicine Doctors, General Practitioners, Researchers and Policy Makers. The outstanding scientific program will feature distinguished keynote addresses, cutting edge state-of-the-science lectures, controversial debates, and compelling presentations by main leaders in Pediatrics.

Contact: Karen Davidson

Phone: 41 22 5330 948



Global Leadership Series 2015 WKMO Regional Forum-Global Collaboration & Initiatives

March 20th to 21st, 2015, London, United Kingdom

The World Korean Medical Organization (WKMO) will gather in London, UK, on March 20-21, 2015 focusing on a general theme of “Global Initiatives and Collaboration” and will have discussions on WKMO Global Initiatives, London Research Innovation in 2015, and Trans-Cultural Health by internationally renowned physicians. As a result, we hope to facilitate academic and bio-health industrial collaborations and exchanges amongst all health care professionals. Contact: Suki Lee

Phone: 1 201 402 1400



AACNS 2015 – The 14th Asian Australasian Congress of Neurological Surgeons

April 15th to 18th, Jeju, South Korea

The four-day congress will feature an exciting line-up of expert speakers including top practitioners, opinion leaders and researchers. Delegates can look forward to an intensive knowledge-sharing event comprising plenary sessions, oral presentations and video screenings. There will be a host of networking opportunities for delegates to rub shoulders with top experts and opinion leaders. Topics: Glial tumors, metastatic tumors, Spinal cord tumors, spinal column tumors, Tumors of peripheral nerves, Medulloblastoma, Craniopharyngioma, sellar lesions, Acoustic tumors, Skull-base lesions, Pediatric low-grade gliomas, Germ-cell tumors, Moder imaging techniques, Chemotherapy for brain and spinal cord tumors, Radiotherapy, Proton Beam debate, Neurofibromatosis, CNS neoplasms

Contact: Gabriel Heng

Phone: +65 295 6984




March 12th to 14th, 2015, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Following the four previous successful conferences from 2010 to 2014, this year 3-day intensive conference will review the recent developments and up-to-date levels of evidence and practice in the area of neonatal-perinatal medicine. There will be renowned lecturers from the USA, Europe and our region. The program will include talks and discussions on the newest research in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of health problems in the neonates. Educational sessions will also be presented by many of world leading neonatologists. The conference aims at improving new born survival and helps improve standards of education in the field of neonatology. It will also promote high standards of neonatal care, enhance quality of care for patients and families, decreasing health disparities and improving health care outcomes.

Contact: Afsal Ahmad

Phone: 0097124919888




March 13th to 15th 2015, Hong Kong, China

HKSTENT-CICF 2015 is the first-of-its-kind meeting held in Hong Kong and around the region with focus on the management of cardiovascular intervention complication. Unique to the program is a series of case based lectures on tips & tricks in managing complication, interactive case studies with experts and case competition. Topics: cardiology, cardiovascular, intervention, complication, heart, heart disease, stenting, stent

Contact: MCI Hong Kong

Phone: 852 2911 -7932/2911 7915


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